Defense Dilemma


The above image is copyrighted to David Swanson 15 May 2006

He walked to the recruitment place
With spirit and with pride;
Prepared his nation’s threat to face
Ambition put aside

They told him of a wily foe
Who planned to harm them all
So he would to the rescue go
And answer nation’s call.

And so they shipped him overseas
With others of like mind,
His country’s rulers he would please
His loved ones leave behind.

And there he met the enemy
Their hatred was intense,
A real threat for all to see
He, freedom’s last defense.

But then he noticed something new,
The ones who suffered most
Were not the people that he knew
Or terrorists who boast.

But people like his friends at home,
Just ordinary folk,
They not the type to rant or foam
For most of them were broke.

And so contestants slugged it out
As soldiers on each side
Made plans the other side to route.
The population cried!

For ’twas their homes that others razed
Their livelihood was small,
These innocents with fear now crazed
Now hated one and all

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2013, all rights reserved”

16 thoughts on “Defense Dilemma

  1. Thank you for this interesting post, mate! How’s life up there in QLD?

    In response to your post, I suppose the main reason why we are living a very messy, skeptical, with such unfair distribution of capital in the world is because we let bigots to lead. That’s our curse. Most people just don’t care. And even some of us, the spiritual awakened people, are happy to receive enlightenment, and live in our own bubble, happy to mark our own territory by meditating in a cave or in the forest, while we do nothing for the perpetual injustices and discrimination against women and colored-ethnic groups. I mean what is this?

    Perhaps we’re waiting for another Gandhi to come and save the world? Yeah, right. Apotheosis. The real question is: why don’t we become a Gandhi on our own? The world needs modern Gandhis, let us be them! ♥

    I tweeted four days ago, that “Everlasting change has to come from the spiritual realm, but it must not leave out all aspects of humanity. That’s holistic change”, and I believe that’s the answer. That’s my contemplation on the life of Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, and other great people. It’s not enough to enjoy Nirvana or even Wahdatul Wujud on your own, while across the street kids are busking because they don’t have anything to eat and thousands of miles from you a great portion of women in Iraq are abused on a daily basis. The world’s not going to change to the better if we just pray, meditate, or read the Koran. Again, the inspiration is divine, but the changes in the world are earthly-bounded. That’s ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ on earth. That’s how we could create everlasting peace ♥

    What do you think? Would love to hear.


    1. I guess for those of us who have travelled around the world frequently we soon learn that people have the same hopes and aspirations we do though their cultures may be significantly different to our own. That being the case I have realized it’s generally our leaders who fight each other, not the people.


      1. Yes, posturing that causes misery for the people…I can only hope we are learning. I lived through conflict in Africa at an impressionable age and my daughter is now studying Politics at Uni Ian..may this generation bring about change from our lessons.


    2. My children were brought up in India and Singapore. When they went to college they were surprised to find how little Westerners know about the rest of the world. Opinions are shaped by the media and political leaders and we really need to go see what the rest of the world is like in order to make informed decisions and judgements.


    1. Yes it certainly can be, but the flip side of the coin is the tremendous outpouring of community support we have seen in our flood and fire situations. That gives me the hope that humanity can be salvaged.


    1. I do feel sorry for the leaders of our countries as being human they can make some horrible mistakes that affect innocent people. Assuming they mean well its important a country has an independent judiciary system to bring them into line as needed and where they are totally out of line they need to face an international tribunal to pay for their wilful crimes against humanity.


  2. God what truth rises from these words, Ian. Well done and with such a power packed message.

    Noble deeds triggered by the ignoramus – leading to young who bleed with trophies of ignoble deeds. Such a defence – do we need? A dilemma indeed.

    Peace, Eric


    1. Yes it is powerful indeed. I certainly don’t blame countries for trying to protect themselves against aggression, but we live in a complicated world in which the innocent are the ultimate victims. We humans certainly have messed up our world.


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