Conflict on the Mountain

Manu sat at home thinking over his options. He was reluctant to leave this house his ancestors had put together collecting stones lying about in abundance in the rain channel. Most times a gentle stream supplied them with their drinking water and washing and cooking needs but when seasonal deluges hit these hills it became a raging torrent of water that scoured banks revealing stones … Continue reading Conflict on the Mountain

The Ethical Lock Picker

There is nothing more embarrassing than locking one’s keys inside a building, and not having access to a duplicate key to rectify the problem. Usually one exhausts all possible ways to avoid embarrassment of having to seek help from a friend, knowing that for some time after the event word will be spread and our foolishness exposed to the community. Such was the dilemma I … Continue reading The Ethical Lock Picker

The Immigrants

James Elijah and Mary Unwin Immigrants to their “Promised Land” Queensland, Australia Chapter 1 – The Odyssey In the County of Cheshire, England early 1870’s dark tales were being told by school teachers and seafaring men about a great island continent in the Antipodes known as the Great Southland or Australia. Many who went there were never heard from again. It seemed that it was … Continue reading The Immigrants

Andrew’s Long Journey

  Andrew Kazy Chapter 1 – Early Years Andrew was born in the nation of Transylvania to parents Andras Kazy and Magdaline Husczic. Since the Magyars (Hungarians) swept into Europe in 896 CE this had been considered Hungarian land and the territories of Transylvania were formally attached and remained with Hungary between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries, until a Turkish invasion incorporated most of the … Continue reading Andrew’s Long Journey