Precious Memories

Eric Maude









An old man stirs uneasy from his sleep

His dreams of yesteryear had seemed so real,

The gulf between them now appears so steep

Why should he have to slumber on to feel

The presence of his wife departed long?

With eager lips he’d called her as he rose

Imagination thought she’d sung their song,

Her visage bright, those lovely eyes like does

The song that they alone had sung with joy

When he had promised that he’d ever be,

He’d held her close; she looked to him her boy,

And he loved her, ‘twas plain for her to see!


Why did my sweetheart have to go away?

She knew my heart, I wanted her to stay.


With tired limbs he shuffled as he went

His progress raising dust along the way

An old man, wrinkled with a frame so bent,

The open window told him it was day,

And on the table, dishes scattered round

Appealed to him to tidy up the place

He searched the cupboards ‘till some food he’d found,

And wondered how another day he’d face

The doctor told him that his health was good

Those aches and pains were just a sign of age

And things would change for better if he could

but cease to fret; he’d quickly turn the page


Why did my sweetheart have to go away?

She knew my heart, I wanted her to stay.


A daughter makes her weekly trip to see

The Father who she loves with all her heart

It takes two hours before our lass can be

Back in the home from which he’s loathe to part

She cleans his house and cooks his daily food

And pleads with him to come with her to live

His thoughts will only make him sit and brood

He shakes his head, there’s nothing more to give

She takes her leave, but doesn’t want to go

Her family’s need demands that she move on

Each sheds a tear, remembering long ago

The Father cries; his baby girl has gone!


Why did my daughter have to go away?

She knew my heart, I wanted her to stay.


The family gathers at the old homestead

His daughter sits beside him in the chair

Where once her Mother sat beside his bed

And ran her fingers through his curly hair

Each sober face bends toward their Father dear

And whispers to him in the fading light

Each member knows the end is very near

For every breath this precious one must fight

But then he rises, smile upon his face

While reaching out some unknown thing to touch

There’s nothing now his pleasure can efface

“I see her!”  But the family guessed as much.


“I’m coming sweetheart, how I’ve missed you so!

Goodbye my children, Mother bids me go.”


This is dedicated to my parents who are greatly missed.


“© Copyright Ian Grice 2014, all rights reserved





14 thoughts on “Precious Memories

  1. A lovely poem, Ian, and I thought that the couplet between verses added greatly to its pathos- congratulations on a great legacy to your parents’ love.


    1. Thank you. It was such a joy to grow up in the home my parents provided. They were human as we all are, but their love for their children was without question and we grew in that nurturing environment. I value your comments.


  2. Lovely bitter sweet poem Ian. These words of yours brought tears to my eyes. From what you write it seems your dad was a strong man who loved deeply. I know you must have many great memories of your parents. Hugs sweet friend!


    1. My parents were very good to us as children as we grew. My Dad went through the depression years. It was bad enough his Dad leaving home when he was only 12 and he had to be the young “father” to his two brothers as the eldest and still have to face competing for a job in the depression. So he had this need for acceptance and it showed up in his success as a businessman and politician. He had to fight hard to get my Mom’s family to accept him and I understand some wouldn’t go to the wedding. So he valued his wife and family very much. He was my major role model and hero.


      1. Well, he was a good one because you sure turned out to be a wonderful husband and father as well as friend.


  3. An emotive piece, Ian, and I truly believe that better lands beckon. You’ve been fortunate and so are your parents to have a son in you.

    All good wishes my friend, for 2014 and beyond,


  4. Well thank you Barb for that response. I felt a bit emotional putting it up as my parents were so good, nurturing and supporting as we grew. They were there for me in my success and failures and I look forward to seeing them in a better land.


  5. I recognised the picture straightaway. And I recognized and acknowledge the depth of love in that remembrance poem Ian. Through my own tears, I thank you for reminding what a beautiful world this still is when true love prevails. What understanding of emotions! What pathos! What a joy to read that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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