Gracie’s Hope








Father lying on a bed of pain
Rises up to see his daughter’s face,
Has she come to see him once again?
Smiles at her his darling daughter Grace.

Doctors tell there’s nothing more to do
Done their best to help him get relief,
Current knowledge only helps a few;
Grace tries hard to mask her latent grief.

Father takes his daughter by the hand
Gives his girl a reassuring smile,
Places in it Mother’s wedding band
He’s had it with him quite a while

Mother’s been at rest for many years
Wants to be beside her when he goes,
Gracie takes it trembling, shedding tears,
How she’ll miss them truly no one knows.

Father pats his daughter lovingly
Tells her that he’s ready to move on
Mentions that from pain he’ll soon be free
Understands she’ll miss him when he’s gone.

But someday they’ll meet up once again
And she’ll see him and Mother sure,
No more sickness, no more grief and pain
In that paradise she’ll join forevermore.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2014, all rights reserved”

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15 thoughts on “Gracie’s Hope

  1. You write a good ‘epic” poem. I like the way that you personalized the old man’s death-bed with the father’s fond exchange with his daughter. Experiencing the death of loved ones is something everyone has to experience just as each of us will one day be on that death-bed. I’m glad that the old man is so peaceful and ready – it seems to make it easier for his daughter.


    1. There are two issues for the remaining family to face at the death of a loved one. Firstly, the loss of one they love, and second, realization that you’ve moved up one notch in the line up.


  2. I know many will take this one and weep at the loss. I read this and can only remember my father, it was horrible to watch him suffer; from pain but more from loneliness. This was truly beautiful Ian.


  3. I miss my parents but there are times when I feel like they are still not far from me although I cannot see them. Knowing we will all be together again at some time is very comforting and I treasure the memories we made together. Very nice poem sweet Ian. Hugs


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