Very early morning as the sun peeps at my bed
I take the blankets off and rub my eye,
If I linger I could sleep some more but I’ll get up instead
My sisters still asleep give gentle sigh.

Time to visit Grampie so he’ll play a game with me,
I like to wake him up so we can play,
He pretends to be asleep so I can lift eyelids with glee
While shouting “Wake up Grampie!” ‘çause it’s day.

I tickle Grampie’s feet and while he shouts in mocking fear
He chases while I jump on Grampie’s bed,
And then I run and make it to my Grammie’s kitchen near,
She takes me to the table to be fed.

My sisters then get out of bed to see why so much noise,
I tell them of the fun I’ve had this day,
And when we’ve finished eating we’ll go and play with toys,
With happy memories from our morning play.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2014 all rights reserved”

14 thoughts on “Claire

    1. I envy Asian people who have an undivided family concept where generations live in proximity to each other. In our western societies our families are scattered around the world so that the joys you mention are infrequent memories.


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