Cool Date


Reg stood looking at himself in the mirror uncertainly while a beaming Mom and Dad were reflected from the back smiling.

“Don’t you think you’ve spent enough time looking at yourself son?” Dad guffawed from his reflection in the mirror while Mom gave him a whack.

“You look quite OK Reg, she’ll think you’re very handsome and be proud to go out with you.” Mom advanced to flick imaginary lint from the jacket and give his hair a final brush. She turned him around and adjusted his new jacket then stood back to survey him with pride.

“I wish you’d tell the barber not to cut your hair that way next time though,” she said as an afterthought. “He’s cut it so it looks like a duck tail at the back and it doesn’t suit the crew cut on top.”

Reg glanced at his Mom and smiled. “That’s the way they cut hair now Mom, everyone has one.”

Dad poked his head around the corner again. “Everyone? It would be interesting to take a look at the girls at your school and see if that’s true. Everyone? I must check out our conservative Pastor Mike when I see him next time. I’m sure that new cut will draw more interest in his sermons.

Mom gave Dad a shocked look and whacked him again. Then laughed. “You are a very bad man!”

Reg smiled, his parents were the best and they loved each other and their family. They modelled what he hoped for when he eventually married.

This was not Reg’s first date out all by himself in Dad’s car. Reg frowned at the memory. The senior boss at work had selected him to accompany his daughter to her coming out ball. Reg had protested every excuse he could think of to get out of it. He’d seen the boss’s daughter and to say there was no chemistry there would be to put it very politely. No doubt her parents canvassed more acceptable possibilities before selecting Reg in desperation. There was no way out if he were to continue on in their business employment and it was a job his friends from High School days would gladly take off him if they could.

Reg had done his best to keep the young lady happy during her most important evening but it was a painful experience and his parents had been in stitches laughing as he described the evening afterward. Of course Reg had faked a happy evening as the senior boss and his son and heir quizzed him for his reaction next day. Fortunately, they found someone else older and more suitable soon after to Reg’s relief and the unpleasant experience did not have to be repeated.

But this was different. Reg had been smitten at first sight by this sophisticated city girl who burst on his horizon as a new recruit at the office. Her confident walk and easy grace had him follow her around the office wistfully. He really didn’t understand what these feelings were all about but the friendly smile she gave everyone turned his insides into mush. As these feelings were a new experience he watched from a distance not knowing how to deal with them.

Then to his surprise the boss assigned her to him to learn office practices and procedures and he nodded assent with a mixture of apprehension and happiness.

But that happiness soon evaporated when he noted soon after her arrival she was picked up to be taken home after work by one of the guys he’d completed his recent army training with. Mentally he crossed her off the list.

But one day as they were working on an assignment together and he smelled her perfume and felt the aura of her presence he just had to ask if she’d like to go out with him and without hesitation she said yes.

And this was the evening of their first date. He was filled with anticipation and caution. Supposing the evening didn’t go well. How would they be able to work on assignments together in future? How would it affect his job prospects if there were to be obvious bad blood between them after this evening? The more he thought about it the more apprehensive he became.

By the time he arrived at her parent’s house his imagination was running riot. But he put on a brave front when her father opened the door and ushered him in to wait as the women of the house did their work in the powder room.

Reg was plied with questions as Father watched him closely considering each answer carefully. Then the women emerged from the powder room with a resplendent angel sweeping into view. Reg jumped up and stood drinking her in. It was almost as if he were mesmerized.

Father relaxed and chuckled. He could obviously trust his daughter to this inexperienced young man.

Sue approached and smiled. “Are these for me?” She smiled and Reg hit clouds before returning to reality and handing them to her nervously.

“They’re lovely! Sue said handing them to her Mother who hovered anxiously over her.

Father cleared his throat, “She needs to be home by 11 pm!” he said firmly.

“Yessir!” said Reg rushing to open the door as Sue demurely kissed her Mother and joined him.

“Don’t be scared of Dad, he sounds stern but is really very nice,” said Sue as she approached the open car door and took a seat.

“What did Mom do then,” the twins said looking at their father wide eyed.

At that moment Sue entered the room. “It’s time for you two to go to sleep kiddos. Kiss your Dad goodnight. Did he tell you a good story?”

“It’s always the same story, but he doesn’t get to finish it before you put us to bed! The twins complained as they yawned.

Sue looked at Reg and smiled.

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“© Copyright Ian Grice 2016 All rights reserved

16 thoughts on “Cool Date

  1. I wonder if Reg will do the same when it is his daughter’s turn! My Dad was a horror but Dan and I were ever so nice to our daughter’s beaus and they both ended up with absolute winners – the best sons-in -law EVER! Love the valentine’s day picture

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    1. Yes I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I found that photo illustration. It was exactly what I wanted. I think Reg wanted to be satisfied no one was going to do his girls harm as he in turn looked the prospective guys over later. But ultimately it’s the girls (or boy’s) choice who they want to spend the rest of their life with and sometimes both Reg and/or his children can find their instincts were wrong. 🙂


    1. As I recall they do! 🙂 but it all works out in the end and after all, in the long run they have to make their own choice of a life partner. Parents can only try and help them research the potential for a successful partnership in life, but ultimately it’s their choice.

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  2. I know what all is going through “Father’s” mind.
    My youngest girl relented and recently started dating this young man – and when he first met me last month – he was whiter than whiter. I had my “don’t mess with my girl” gorilla look 😉
    Sometimes, it can be fun, being the father 🙂

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