Cultural Assimilation – Conclusion

Chapter 4 – Discovery Cecil waited patiently at the restaurant glancing at his watch periodically. He was both happy and unhappy to be there. It was a welcome break from his self-centred life and the daily rituals he’d constructed over the years. He was thirty-five and it was hard to venture out of his comfort zone. He couldn’t figure out why Dr Haq had insisted … Continue reading Cultural Assimilation – Conclusion

Cultural Assimilation – Chapter 3

Breaking the Ice “Maria, there’s a Cecil Brown on the phone, he says you’re expecting his call, shall I put him through?” Dr Haq was momentarily taken off guard. After all these years she still had trouble remembering she was the Maria people were speaking to. That was not her real name but she’d changed her first name while in University to make it more … Continue reading Cultural Assimilation – Chapter 3

Marching Girls

  Everybody loves marching girls!  Back in the 1960’s Marching Girls were all the rage and the girls of Gympie presented themselves faithfully each workday week for their whistle blowing circuits of the parade ground in the evening.   Our Marching Girls were resplendent in their colourful costumes and the Municipal Band gave the occasion an air of urgent appeal as it guided girls around … Continue reading Marching Girls

Gympie Gold

  ‘Twas the early 1800’s and the word was passed around That the California gold rush had begun, And Australian freeman settlers soon were California bound Joining many hapless convicts on the run.   They ranged up and down the horse trails of this new and vibrant land Many found their wildest dreams had been fulfilled, They experienced much hardship, scarcely had a helping hand … Continue reading Gympie Gold

Lee Ann’s Happy Valentine

Lee Ann sat at her bedroom window looking out over the remnants of a once great plantation. Cotton fields had long gone to be replaced with houses in a suburb which now crept to striking distance of the manicured gardens in front of her window. She craned her head to search for her Mother Willow who was pottering around somewhere in the gardens below. It … Continue reading Lee Ann’s Happy Valentine


  Ramesh stretched and opened his eyes. The first rays of sunlight were beginning to illuminate surrounding hills as he slowly turned his head to study familiar landmarks. This was his usual custom. The mud hut with its thatched roof caught his eye briefly and he reminded himself again of the need to replace thatch.  The hut was badly leaking again and monsoons would soon … Continue reading Ramesh

The Best Christmas Present

Chapter 1 – The Ranch Don sat on his apartment balcony watching evening traffic snake its way through the streets below. It was a rare experience for him to have time to do this as he was usually at work this time of the evening or tidying his desk to leave space for Ms Almeida the office cleaner to give his office her usual thorough … Continue reading The Best Christmas Present

Sausage Dog Goes to Hawaii

This is another in my children’s series written for my Grand Daughter Winter.  Remember that the series is based on the imagined experiences of her toy dogs. Sausage of course is a Sausage Dog.  Lisa is a white French Poodle and Spots is what we call a “Bitsa” or a bit of this and a bit of that in breed. I hope your kids enjoy … Continue reading Sausage Dog Goes to Hawaii

The Elopement

Ramesh was very happy with his life. He lived on a large compound in a mission community and enjoyed spacious grounds and sports facilities provided for the use of residents. Every evening he’d sit with friends on the football field and sing heartily with the group as some of them tried vainly to find right notes on their guitars. During the day he attended a … Continue reading The Elopement