Peggy Sue Moves On – Chapter 2

Teenage Years  It had been many years before her current situation she and the Turner’s had been neighbours. Peggy Sue Judd remembered pausing from grooming her pony. Her Dad had

Peggy Sue Moves On – Chapter 1

Loss and Recovery Peggy Sue Judd-Thomson patted her two favourite horses contentedly enjoying the smell of them as they tucked into food carefully laid out for them. She touched red


Anna Patricia Spaulding negotiated the corridors warily as she headed for the exit from her return home domestic airport. It had been a long and tiring trip back from the

New Neighbours – Chapter 5

Crisis Resolved The family shared their breakfast in silence. Usually mealtime was a joyous occasion with laughter and excitement for a new day activity ahead. Bashir noticed Kaci shrank away

New Neighbours – Chapter 3

Relationship Discovery After Lucas had finished his college work he decided to take a year off and learn from his father in the research wing of Bert’s company. His knowledge