Shalini’s Escape – Chapter 1

Before You Read This story is confronting but it happens and we need to be aware of the dangers our children face in the world as it is today. The reality however is much more tragic than this story will reveal. Parents have a difficult job ensuring their children are safe as they progress through life to adulthood and have the capacity to discern danger … Continue reading Shalini’s Escape – Chapter 1

Peggy Sue Moves On – Chapter 2

Teenage Years  It had been many years before her current situation she and the Turner’s had been neighbours. Peggy Sue Judd remembered pausing from grooming her pony. Her Dad had given it to her on her twelfth birthday the day before and she and the animal had bonded quickly. Noise from the road had taken her attention and she turned and shaded her eyes from … Continue reading Peggy Sue Moves On – Chapter 2

Narrow Escape

Butterfly on flower settles prim Cecil gasps in quick surprise, Coloured wings attractive firm and trim Reaches out, and insect flies. Into air with sky effective shield Fluttering in a gentle breeze. Will it head for outside yonder field? Jumps up in attempt to seize. Settles quickly on an old deck chair Barrier fence its safe retreat, Swimming pool its safety chosen lair Feeling safe … Continue reading Narrow Escape

Patsy’s Life Lesson – Chapter 2

  Learning Life’s Lessons “How far to the County Fair Richie?” There was a giggle from the back and Patsy turned around in surprise to see what was happening then looked uncertainly at Richie. “We are going to the County Fair?” “Well we were, but when your Dad made it a 9pm curfew we may have a change of plans.” There was laughter again from … Continue reading Patsy’s Life Lesson – Chapter 2

Patsy’s Life Lesson – Chapter 1

Making Friends “Let’s get together and have some fun tonight!” Richard Vanderlan was the accepted leader of the troop of high school students and they’d gathered at their customary meeting place after school sports were over. It was their way to unwind after trying to absorb some heavy subjects during class time and a good workout during football practice and other school sports units to … Continue reading Patsy’s Life Lesson – Chapter 1

Night Terror – Chapter 1

Betrayed Luella sat in the darkness of her bedroom and tried to process her feelings. She couldn’t bear to have lights on as the big wedding picture of her and Wes was on the wall facing her. The picture bought back memories, none of them pleasant. Her face expressed no emotion but inside those emotions churned and churned. At eight O’clock she’d put their child … Continue reading Night Terror – Chapter 1

Katie’s Wedding – Chapter 1

Scene 1 – Child Bride Katie looked up from the doll cradle at her friends who were sitting playing with furniture in the doll house. There was something missing in this scene. Every home should have a man and every girl with a baby should have a husband. She turned to her friend Betty. “Can you go over next door and ask if Tommy can … Continue reading Katie’s Wedding – Chapter 1

Wendy’s Wish

Wendy at the window sill Anxious looking down the road, Was he working next door still? Ferrying another load? Saw him working yesterday Muscles rippling body straight Glancing at the heavens grey, Had to finish, couldn’t wait She had to go where he could see Her weeding at the entrance way Heart now pounding, could it be He’d ask her out? Oh, happy day! Richie … Continue reading Wendy’s Wish