The Fugitive’s Return – Chapter 2

Fulfilled Dream Hussain picked up his cell phone and searched through the picture gallery. He leaned over to Grant. “There’s one of the family you haven’t seen this evening, can you think back as to who that may be?” Grant immediately responded. “Meenu, I suppose she’s married to some rich man somewhere in the world.” He used his pet name for Meena and Hussain smiled … Continue reading The Fugitive’s Return – Chapter 2

The Fugitive’s Return – Chapter 1

Flirting with Danger Grant emerged from the minibus with a mixture of happiness and fear. He was followed by an assortment of tourists complaining about cramped conditions on the way from Mumbai. They’d been irritated by the heat on arrival and the cramped quarters of the minibus with luggage piled around them as they’d negotiated traffic out of a city which never seemed to end. … Continue reading The Fugitive’s Return – Chapter 1

कौआ (Kaua) – Chapter 4

A New Life – Conclusion Ranjubai slept fitfully through the afternoon occasionally crying out in pain as she turned on her thin cotton mattress. Her body was on fire. It was later that evening Dass returned lurching unsteadily through streets and singing loudly the latest Hindi song from the Bollywood movie currently being shown at Maratha Mandir theatre. He’d somehow been able to get past … Continue reading कौआ (Kaua) – Chapter 4

कौआ (kaua) – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Survival After a while Kaua arose and looked around. He was hungry, tired and his muscles ached from holding on desperately all night. As he progressed back toward the station entrance and the usual cluster of barrows selling a variety of trinkets and foods his eyes focused on a stall where a young girl was frying bonda and selling it. Her parents … Continue reading कौआ (kaua) – Chapter 2

कौआ (kaua) – Chapter 1

Chapter One – The Escape Kaua was his name, well that was not his birth name, but he’d been called Kaua since childhood and had trouble remembering what his real name was. Kaua had vague memories of his parents in his ancestral village. His father had been a village toddy maker and brewed his noxious potions in among a collection of thorn trees by the … Continue reading कौआ (kaua) – Chapter 1

The Morning Tamasha

Chandra paused from her work and listened with the practiced care of a mother who had children of her own. Baby Hilda was stirring and making muffled whimpering sounds from her cradle in the main bedroom. Memsahib had entrusted the little one to Chandra while she made a quick trip to the Darji on Main Street to find out why he hadn’t delivered dresses ordered … Continue reading The Morning Tamasha

The Adventures of Tipu

Tipu looked out from the enclosure he occupied with Bertha and cried out in anger. The girls had emerged for their morning duties looking after needs of their zoo before catching the bus for a day at school. Tipu didn’t mind their first round of activities checking on water and food for their chickens. The chicks were being raised to sell. It was part of … Continue reading The Adventures of Tipu

The Broken Tool.

Ron sat at his desk pondering what should be done for the student he’d just dismissed from the office. Not enough money to register for the semester and it happened to be his last semester. He pulled the file and began to check out his progress during past semester. Grades were excellent, he’d worked in one of the college industries and had a good report, … Continue reading The Broken Tool.

West Meets East – Chapter 3

An Acceptable Compromise Next day Bill was marched to the office again. He stood to attention and saluted. Then waited patiently for the officer to speak. His commanding officer continued to stare at the papers on his desk, then looked up and smiled. “There’s a possibility information supplied to me is not accurate. I’m not sure of that so I’ve decided to give you the … Continue reading West Meets East – Chapter 3

West Meets East – Chapter 2

Challenging the Norm Mahaveer was nonplussed when negotiations would proceed directly with Bill Higgins rather than a go between and almost decided to back out on his commitment, but Manoj deftly steered his father through his concerns. To Mahaveer’s surprise no dowry was asked, Manoj had greedily convinced Bill that in an inter-racial situation that would not be necessary. Bill on the other hand was … Continue reading West Meets East – Chapter 2