The Adventures of Tipu

Tipu looked out from the enclosure he occupied with Bertha and cried out in anger. The girls had emerged for their morning duties looking after needs of their zoo before catching the bus for a day at school. Tipu didn’t mind their first round of activities checking on water and food for their chickens. The chicks were being raised to sell. It was part of … Continue reading The Adventures of Tipu

Enemy Vanquished

It was Sunday! John groaned as he rolled over in bed trying vainly to avoid early morning sun rays creeping into his room through an open window by the bed. But soon the room was a blaze of the sun’s dominating rays and he sat up grumbling. He’d been up until the wee hours of the morning with friends and was now paying a penalty. … Continue reading Enemy Vanquished

Our “Pretty”

Not long after Joe the sulphur-crested Cockatoo (see one of my early blogs) joined our family in the 1940’s my Father Eric came home one evening with a cage containing an injured Galah parrot. To us children this multi-coloured bird was a thing of beauty and by common consent it was agreed we should call our new pet “Pretty.” Pretty was a young bird and … Continue reading Our “Pretty”