Mother’s Day Surprise

Clara sat up in bed with difficulty. Reaching behind she adjusted pillows, so they gave her back more support. Her back ached and she winced as the effort adjusting those pillows disturbed back vertebrae that now ground together. She gave a little cry of surprise and shook her head sadly. Slipping back into memory lane she remembered how it hadn’t been that way for much … Continue reading Mother’s Day Surprise

The Adventures of Tipu

Tipu looked out from the enclosure he occupied with Bertha and cried out in anger. The girls had emerged for their morning duties looking after needs of their zoo before catching the bus for a day at school. Tipu didn’t mind their first round of activities checking on water and food for their chickens. The chicks were being raised to sell. It was part of … Continue reading The Adventures of Tipu


We seemed to have known Tommo forever. From the first time we’d trudged to the town’s major public school with parents at a tender age Tommo had been in our line of vision. He’d been standing alone waiting patiently for admission, a tall gangling figure in shabby hand me down school uniform which indicated there must have been male siblings who’d passed through these classrooms … Continue reading Tommo

The Drinking Fountain

It was vacation and the boys around town were looking for something to occupy their time. With pocket money already spent there was no use hanging around Main Street so after checking out shop windows for a while and discussing emerging fashions of the 1960’s it was time to retreat to the park on their bicycles and stand around discussing possible things to do. John … Continue reading The Drinking Fountain


She sits alone in window chair And watches children play, The sun shines on her silver hair She leans on cover grey. A weary smile on crinkled face Remembers times gone by, Recalls her tree house hiding place When playmates made her cry. Then softly hears her Mother call While seeking hiding child Her Mother standing straight and tall With manner calm and mild. She … Continue reading Loneliness


  Tiny shoes on tiny feet Stumbling moving forward, Arms raised high the air to beat Smiles her sweet reward.   Mother walking closely by Father beckoning on, Sister urging her to try Thoughts of homework gone.   Rosie reaching out her arm Rocks on trembling limb, Face now showing some alarm Throws a glance at him.   Father inches closer then Reaches toward his … Continue reading Intervention-

Another Day in the Army

“Wakey wakey, rise and shine!” John sat bolt upright on the cot as bright lights suddenly illuminated the barracks. There were muffled curses coming from beds as recruits propped themselves up and rubbed their eyes. They hadn’t long returned to barracks and checked in gratefully from night leave jumping into bed with the knowledge a bugle would have us out of bed at sunrise. It … Continue reading Another Day in the Army