Abe’s Amazing Holiday

This was my first creative writing assignment written specifically for early teens. Abe looked anxiously for his Aunt Sue as the bus lurched to a stop. He’d boarded the plane in Sydney loaded with presents for his Aunt’s family, and carried with him Mum’s written instructions on how to get to his holiday destination. Mum had cried as she waved him through the departure gate. … Continue reading Abe’s Amazing Holiday

Climbing the Mountain – Poem

From the crest of a mountain beneath me A beautiful vista I see, Whichever direction I’m looking Whether rainforest, farmland or sea. There’s a feeling of anticipation, There’s a gladness that nourishes soul, And that feeling defies explanation But you sense that you’re a part of a whole. Down there in a vale less appealing There are people who never climb up, So they never … Continue reading Climbing the Mountain – Poem