Climbing the Mountain – Poem

From the crest of a mountain beneath me

A beautiful vista I see,

Whichever direction I’m looking

Whether rainforest, farmland or sea.

There’s a feeling of anticipation,

There’s a gladness that nourishes soul,

And that feeling defies explanation

But you sense that you’re a part of a whole.

Down there in a vale less appealing

There are people who never climb up,

So they never experience the feeling,

On the nectar of life never sup.

And they live out their lives without meaning

‘cause they’ve never desired to climb high,

They prefer their experience demeaning

To potential as grand as the sky.

Come journey with me to my mountain

And I’ll share my grand vista with you,

Let your vision burst forth like a fountain

As we join with the fortunate few.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2011all rights reserved

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