Springtime – Poem

Brilliant sunshine hint of rain
Tells me that it’s spring again,
Opening flowers, budding tree
Children’s voices raised in glee

Hunting feline, warbling bird,
Everywhere there’s singing heard,
Early joggers streaming by
Breeze producing lazy sigh

Wake from sleeping, look outside
Flocks of birds through heaven glide,
Night shift workers heading home
Bees among the flowers roam

Deeply breathing morning air
Taking seat in garden chair,
Clouds now promise morning rain;
Happy day, its spring again

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2011 All rights reserved”

4 thoughts on “Springtime – Poem

  1. Hi Ian,
    My first visit to your new “digs” – very spartan but all the glitz elsewhere was for naught, so you are here with what really counts — the poems and the “food for thought”stories. Keep visiting us on facebook and I assume you can still read what we leave for you on Multiply.com??
    Jim the Fee


    1. Hi Jim. I quite like this site. It is simple and fits my needs. I notice that it no longer transfers to FB for some reason so I will put a note on FB when I have a new entry here. I hope you are having an enjoyable Easter break.


  2. Always something nice to read
    especially yr POEMS!

    Am glad U found this site accomodating now.
    I hope so I’ll get on with this place too!
    After all what I once had in spaces are all being dumped here!
    Spaces Live has gotta get on somehow!

    Hv a wonderful week, Ian!


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