Tiny the Cow

copyright cool cow - mirko frank www.kunstnet.de                              Image copyright to Mirko Frank www.kunstnet.de

Tiny the Cow – Poem

We had just moved in from a rural farm to a place on the edge of town
With our trucks and tractor, farmland stuff, and a cow of some renown
Our spacious yard was the take off point, for my Father’s latest fad,
For timber hauled from government stands gave cash that made him glad.

Our corner home was a busy place and the highway ran nearby
On a crescent road of the self same name where the traffic seemed to fly,
On the other side of the wide highway was a grass land damp and green,
And that’s the place we’d graze our cow where Tiny could be seen

Now Tiny’s girth, an impressive size, had been fed from the lush green stuff,
‘Twas our daily job to escort that cow and report that she’d had enough,
And to do that job with a long stout rope I’d tug ‘cross the highway near
While Tiny tugged the other way and I glanced down the road in fear.

There was many a time when a speeding car would require the rope be dropped
And the cow take off at a furious clip on a lengthy jaunt ‘till stopped,
Then an evil thought entered into me, and I’m too ashamed to boast
For the next time round when the cow took off wound rope round the nearest post.

And the speeding cow did a somersault that would give Olympics pride
When the rope reached end and my feet caught up to that prostrate cow beside,
Tiny slowly rose, and she shook off dust, and she glanced in shocked dismay
When I took the rope and I led her back there was nothing more to say.

Then from that time on she would trot behind in a manner lady like
And she’d stand demure on the grassy field while I drove the tether spike,
There was no contest on the dangerous road for she’d learned her lesson well,
And she marked the spot where the contest was and her naughty body fell.

“© Ian Grice Copyright 2011 All rights reserved”

2 thoughts on “Tiny the Cow

  1. Re: Tiny
    First, I must know — was that story Ian Grice vintage stuff or did it
    come to you via that other fellow?
    That being said; I enjoyed this very much!! It brought back great memories of some of my summer “farm adventures” while I was 11,12 and 13 out on the Blanchard, ID “spread” of 100 acres of rolling pasture/graze/and hay
    crop that the Fee’s had.
    Those were the summer times I spent with Aunt Minnie, Aunt Olive and Uncle Walter (with Aunt Edith being in the mix often though she still ran her “Millinary – Hat shop” business over in Sand Point, ID) I even had a favorite cow -Daisy by name that I truly thought could understand my speech since she was so attentive all of the times that I was with her.
    Well, that is only one of the strange things that farm animals can do, that I soon discovered.
    Again, Ian; thanks for the things you bring to the Cybernet. Hope things are looking up more and more for you.
    Jim the Fee


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