My Mother

A Tribute to My Mother

If I had a Nobel peace prize to award to someone grand
Or the Order of a Royal Family grant,
I’d award it to my Mother for as true as here I stand
She’s as close to heaven sent as any Saint.

In my boyhood I remember how she sacrificed her days
So her family’s every comfort she could give,
And she kept it up consistently projecting sunshine’s rays
For her family was her rationale to live.

When her children grew and started out with families of their own
She’d remember them when daily on her knees,
She’d write faithfully on sleepless nights in darkness all alone
For her mission through her old age was to please.

I remember what she taught me though she’s long since passed away
And lies peacefully awaiting at her rest,
What a wonderful reunion we will have with her some day
As we meet her in that homeland of the blest.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2011 all rights reserved”

10 thoughts on “My Mother

  1. As I read your tribute to your mother Ian, it moved me. Yes you do resemble her as does your sweet sister! So your mother lives on through you and your sister. As usual I so enjoyed the way you expressed this tribute through verse. A beautiful read.

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  2. Well, you know that I mean “storyteller” in the sense of the ancient tradition of the Celtic peoples. You, having the Celtic blood deep in your soul, would have to be the “story teller” of the tribe and you know that. I suspect that you are not averse to telling a few “whoppers” now and then just to liven up this “party” that we all carry on with on the Cybernet!!
    Jim the Fee


  3. Hi Ian,
    That tribute was “best said” in the poetic form. The content just “fit” perfectly in the form. Mumsy made some comment about certain aspects of your and her “features” somewhat mirroring each other. I saw that too.
    Now, your ‘verbal’ snapshot will go with that old photo and both will pass into the archives of your children’s and your grandchildren’s minds. I think that is really awsome for them. As I have often and openly said to you in our (now) two years of “knowing” one another over the Cybernet – you are the
    “Master story teller” and all the rest of us “yield” that honor to you!! And that goes for both poetry and prose!!
    Jim the Fee


    1. Well my wife Georgine would certainly agree I’m a story teller! lol. I think she manages to see through me after all these years though. My Mother, as I’ve stated in the poem was an angel who encouraged us children to aim high and not be satisfied with the mediocre. She will ever be remembered.


  4. Very nice tribute to your sweet, beautiful Mom dear Ian. I remember some of what you have written over the years and I could tell by what I read that your mom was a very sweet and special person. I can see that you look some like her. Thank you, for stopping by and commenting on my post. Hugs


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