The Star

Wise men of the east observe the light
Philosophers, Astronomers were they;
Asteroid or comet this strange sight?
Searching through their scrolls began to pray.
Started on their journey to the west
Weeks away their destination strange,
Evening star would put them to the test
Just ahead but always out of range.
Shepherds in the fields near Bethlehem
Joined to find the heaven hallowed spot,
Magi searching just ahead of them
In excitement all their cares forgot.
Found King Child in stable when they came,
Angels told them Joshua was His name.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2011, all rights reserved”

Note: Joshua (Hebrew) means
“Jehovah (God) is deliverance.”
The Greek equivalent of the name is

One thought on “The Star

  1. Very nice sweet Ian.

    Thank you so much for all your nice comments on my blog posts. I agree with you that it is very relaxing to watch the birds. I like feeding them so there will be lots to watch. Hugs


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