Rudolph’s Final Christmas

This image by courtesy of iClipart a Microsoft partner.

Mrs Santa rolled her eyes and gestured with her hand
For never was a woman more frustrated in this land
Their Rudolph in his early teens had made her really mad
He was the naughtiest reindeer and his habits very bad.

And Santa didn’t always help keep Rudolph in his place,
For he was always making toys and left his wife to face
The keeping of the reindeer and correction when ‘twas needed,
But Rudolph always goofed around, her counsel never heeded.

On Christmas Eve old Santa rushed to fill the waiting sled
He shouted out for Rudolph’s help, but Blitzen came instead,
For Rudolph said he was too tired and wouldn’t work this year,
The angry words that Santa yelled not good for kids to hear

He pulled out Rudolph by the nose, that’s why his nose was red,
And hitched him with the others to the freshly loaded sled
But all the way around the world he grumbled and was slack
And only helped the reindeer team when Santa gave a whack

Eventually at Blossom’s place it all came to a head
And Rudolph feeling rather cold jumped into Blossom’s bed,
Her husband woke with all the noise and reached out to his wife
When Rudolph jabbed with antlers sharp he shouted for his life.

Then Santa fled, a reindeer short for he left Rudolph there
The husband chased him round the house and whacked him with a chair.
The Christmas dinner was superb from guests good comments flew,
For never had they dined before on Rudolph barbecue.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2011 All rights reserved”

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