Emmaus Road

In celebration of Easter
Written for my Christian cyber friends

The Setting of this poem:

Immediately following His death and the resurrection, Jesus reconnects with his dispirited followers to encourage them. They were so unhappy they didn’t recognize who it was walking beside them on the way to their home in Emmaus.

Reference: The Bible, Luke 24:13-35

This poem is written in sonnet format

Two travellers trudging weary on the road
Dust from passing traffic heavy in the air,
Their stooping shoulders show the heavy load
That more than human heart was meant to bear.
Tragic news they carry in their mind,
They had expected He would take the crown,
But now he’s dead, so who are they to find?
Their bodies restless; tear filled eyes cast down.
And then a stranger joins them on the way
Refers them to the prophesies of old,
And in their home he was implored to stay
They now knew him as prophecy foretold.
Returned they to Jerusalem that night
Eyes lifted up, their faces all alight.

We travellers tread the weary road today
With burdens on our shoulders hard to bear,
And sometimes we are tempted oft to say
We trusted, but it seems there’s none to care.
Resigned we are to bear it all ourself,
Companions just as fearful they are,
Those doubting thoughts may occupy by stealth
And happiness eludes us from afar.
But then a stranger joins us on our road,
Explains it all as weary we press on,
His presence seems to lift the heavy load
Our spirits soar; but then our friend seems gone!
But He is there invisible and near
Our hope revived, the issues are more clear.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2012, all rights reserved”

6 thoughts on “Emmaus Road

  1. Love this post! Although it’s not that really related, it made me remember this bible verse: Romans 8:-24-25 “For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is not hope at all. For who hopes what he already has? But if we hope for the unseen, then with patience we wait for it.”
    God bless always sir! 😀


  2. A well known story recounted in verse that rings very true now as then.

    Thank you Ian for writing and sharing with us.

    God bless and help us recognise the Stranger when He comes into our lives…or perhaps He has been walking with us all there years…


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