Our Bird Friends


Lorikeets from feeders look,

Neighbour’s cat lurks nearby tree

Loves his secret shady nook

Watching birds and watching me.


Raven sitting on the fence

Cocks his head from side to side

Arching wings in quick defence

Calls his mate come sit beside.


Magpie searching on the lawn

Cool where insects love to play,

He’ll carefully check the stands of corn

Chuckling on this sunny day.


Pigeons cooing on the ground

Grateful for the seeds that fell

Listening for a danger sound,

Cat’s around and they can tell.


Wagtail takes his daily swim

In the birdbath on the path,

Watch him on the water skim,

Antics make the children laugh.


Parrots flying overhead

Shout their blessings as they go

They look rather overfed

Proudly let their plumage show.


Neighbour’s dog now watches cat

Loudly barks to let all know,

Cat retreats from where she sat

Birds watch their departing foe.


Lorikeets now screech their cry

Seeds in feeder running low

Mocking as the cat runs by

Glad to see this hunter go.


Then when sunset shows its face

All will find their night retreat

Waiting morning sun to grace

They’ll return the day to greet.


“© Copyright Ian Grice 2012 all rights reserved


10 thoughts on “Our Bird Friends

  1. Wonderful! As a biology major student, I have always loved animals and nature 😀 I remember we had a pet dog, cat and bird on our house. Just imagine the disaster when it’s feeding time! LOL… I enjoyed reading this poem 😀


  2. You have just described my backyard, Ian. We have cane all around and Mt. Warning looks down on us. I have a favourite Willy wagtail and a ‘couple’ or so of lorikeets and various parrots. Love birds but am hopeless at catching them on camera. No patience I guess. Lovely poem. Thanks.


  3. A a day in the life of our feathered friends and how they enrich our lives, if we care to pause and marvel. Catsy and doggy added a dash of realism…great fun read 🙂


    1. Yes it certainly is animal kingdom here, but our home has always hosted animals of every kind including monkeys in India. Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been undergoing medical tests and not been on the internet much.


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