The Builder

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The builder sat upon the hill admiring his work
In spite of many difficulties he’d never tried to shirk
For many years he’d dreamed of this and now with job complete
He reveled in his mansion as he stood upon his feet

He’d built for many people so that now with fame preserved
He thought of building for himself it was what he deserved
No problem there for money which was stockpiled in his bank
He’d gathered it himself and there was no one else to thank

His other treasures ocean yacht and every fancy thing
Expensive car and wealthy friends that affluence will bring
So smugly he surveyed his work and smiled in satisfaction
His cleverness with everything had gained his wife’s attraction

And so they moved into the house his wife and children three
Appreciating everything the family filled with glee
For many happy days the family basked in open pride
The common people locked outside and they quite safe inside

And then one day they scanned the plain and saw some smoke arise
It wasn’t long before the smoke had filled horizon skies
A violent wind now substitute for usual gentle breeze
The fire advancing rapidly now had him on his knees

And later when unfortunate he glimpsed the charred remain
The builder struggled with his thoughts and wondered at the pain
His money had provided for his needs for many years
But now in vulnerability he brushed away his tears

You can’t buy Mother Nature for there’s things beyond our way
Which money fame or influence won’t help us when we stray
To thinking that we’ve got it made ignoring others need
For we are not immune to fate in spite of human greed

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2012 All rights reserved”

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