Safe Company













Off to the trees with a bounding leap
Dingoes in hot pursuit,
Over the logs and the sink holes deep
Knows this familiar route

Strayed away from the sparse Roo fields
To graze in the fields below
Far from the safety of Roo mob shields
Lethal their sharp clawed toe

Panting she reaches the crest of hill
Glances behind in fear
Fluttering birds give a warning trill
Telling her danger’s near

Out of the scrub several male Roo race
Placing themselves in front
Claws at the ready they dingoes face
Giving a warning grunt

Dingoes slide to a dusty pause
Watch the retreating Roo
Glance at those terrible male Roo claws
Know what they have to do

Hunger has driven them on to try
Hunger exceeded fear
Seeing the warning in male Roo eye
Know there’s a conflict near

A conflict Dingoes are not to win
Turn with their tails held low
Trot to rejoin their Dingo kin
Look for a stray that’s slow

In the age old contest, strong against weak
The solution is very clear
When you venture out use care and seek
To ensure a strong friend’s near

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2013, all rights reserved”

10 thoughts on “Safe Company

  1. Thanks to this great poem I learned something about Kangaroos I did not know. Another wonderful display of your amazing talent sweet Ian. Hugs


    1. There are different varieties of kangaroos. Some of them can be taller than humans and those are the ones you need to be careful with. In the centre of the country there have been instances of kangaroos using the roof of a car to spring from and that really makes a mess of the roof. Usually that’s when they are jumping from one side where the hill has been scooped out to make a road to the other elevated side. Hitting one front on can total out the front of your car too. They have a couple of wicked claws that can rip you around. A few years back when a new suburb was being created from a traditional roo habitat I was doing my morning walk and noticed workmen standing outside the house they were building. One of them asked me if I knew how to get a roo out of the house as it was inside and challenging them. Probably protesting at the take over of its habitat. LOL.


    1. Thank you. We used to have kangaroos at our back fence until a brand new suburb exploded around us and chased them away. So dingo dogs are not the only enemy wildlife have to be fearful of. Humans are a greater threat.


    1. Thanks Susan. You are always generous with your comments. I guess having spent some time on farms growing up I deleloped a love for my country and it’s unique animals. I think we share that same love of country.


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