Choices Men Face

Couch Potato
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Now they say a man is happiest when seated on a chair
With remote device held firmly in his hand
And a TV dinner placed close by and cool drink I declare,
We assign to him this image in our land.

For he’s come home to his castle with relaxing now his plan,
And he’s left his workplace troubles all behind
As he quietly sits reflecting what it’s like to be a man
While he flicks controls to see what he can find.

There’s a host of TV comedies, he views them one by one,
Then in quick succession views and passes on
Checking all the newsy channels, but they’re really not much fun,
They remind him that his troubles haven’t gone.

And then the History channel, National Geographic too
And Discovery and Music channels eight,
Should he watch the tale on Hallmark, or would British channel do?
Should he close his eyes and leave it up to fate?

All these choices make him sleepy, better close those lids a while
For reflection helps, each couch potato knows,
But soon the sounds of snoring bring his spouse out with a smile
She retrieves remote and sits to view her shows.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2013, all rights reserved”

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