NOT OUR CLASS – Chapter 2

country cottage

Chapter 2 – Seth

It was mowing day and Trudy peeped out her window looking to see if Jock had bought Seth with him as he usually did. She watched as Seth took up position on her front steps waiting for her to come out but Trudy was an obedient girl and would never have thought of disobeying, but there was a sadness in her heart which she couldn’t understand. What had she done wrong that required her not being able to have fun with this boy? Her Mom didn’t seem to have any problem with her mixing with the kids at school. It was all such a puzzle.

Seth sighed as Jock beckoned to him after securing the mower in the back of his truck. He’d wanted to tell Trudy this was his last day and he’d looked forward to spending time with her before his parents arrived to take him to their new home in an unfamiliar city.

Seth’s Mom had suggested he take this vacation with Uncle Jock while they attended to their move between cities. Seth’s Dad had been transferred to manage one of the offices his company had just opened up. Tearing Seth away from school and friends had been a tough decision but it would mean the family had more secure finances and better educational opportunities for their son in future. In Seth’s confusion and sadness at the loss of friends and a familiar environment meeting Trudy had provided the diversion he needed.

That evening as Mrs Carter and Trudy sat on the front porch they saw an expensive Mercedes car slowly making its way down the country lane in front of their home. Mrs Carter stood and watched to see where the car was heading.

“They’ve obviously lost their way,” she said absently continuing to strain and see where the car was heading. “Expect they’ll be back this way soon feeling very foolish for their mistake.” She laughed as she considered their embarrassment.

Who in their right mind would come out here she thought. She remembered her upbringing in a wealthy city mansion and the cars available to take her to school each day. She’d everything she’d ever wanted but while at University she’d met a student from the wrong side of the tracks as her father had put it, and in spite of his dire threats she’d eloped and married Jed Carter. There was a religious issue too.

Her family were mortified. Rebecca was convinced they’d come around. She’d always had her way. Throwing a tantrum usually ended up with a reward. This time it was different. Money for her university studies came to an end. Rebecca Carter then watched alarmed as her father who was an important donor to the university used his influence to harass her new husband to the point he decided to move to another university.

Rebecca had done the rounds of family friends the corporate elite and was turned down at every level. She’d broken the code of the elite and was now disowned by them all. She was furious!  When the enormity of it all sunk in she started taking it out on Jed who was struggling with day and night jobs to support his educational dream and the ever increasing demands of Rebecca. Eventually their situation became so dire she accepted work as an apprentice in a hair dressing salon. Quite a come down for one of the supposed elite families.

Then she discovered she was pregnant!

Rebecca Carter had returned to her seat on the porch as these memories flooded her mind. Then she came back to reality with a start.

“Did you see that Mercedes come back this way Trudy?”

“What’s a Mercedes Mom,” said Trudy absently. She was totally absorbed watching the humming birds buzzing around feeders in the front yard and had no idea there were different names for cars. Cars were just cars to her just as all horses answered to her call horsey.

Rebecca Carter looked at her daughter incredulously, then smiled as she realized this would be a natural child response. To Rebecca Mercedes spelt class. Something she was born to but now found outside her reach.

Rebecca looked at her watch after they’d been on the porch for quite some time. “I suppose we’d better be getting inside to prepare supper.”

She stood up and something caught her attention. There in the distance she could see the Mercedes returning. “Why did they take so long to turn around? There’s only jock’s farm at the end of the line and they certainly wouldn’t have business there!”

She watched as the Mercedes came closer, then it stopped in front of their gate. Her mouth opened in surprise, for out stepped Seth no longer dressed in overalls but smart casual dressed. He came running to the porch.

“Hi Mrs Carter, Hi Trudy. Sorry I missed talking with you last time I was here with Uncle Jock. I wanted to tell you I had to leave today and thank you for all the fun during vacation. Maybe Mom and Dad will let me have a vacation with Uncle Jock and I’ll be able to see you again.” He ran back to the car waving as he went.

“You’re welcome Seth.” Stammered Rebecca. Trudy’s eyes clouded over as she waved goodbye.

To be continued.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2015 All rights reserved

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