By side of old lamp post he sat

And watched the milling crowd,

He smiled at sight of alley cat

And passing traffic loud.


‘Twas long ago he’d been right there

And hastened on his way,

A man like him he’d had no care

Or gave the time of day.


But cares of life with constant stress

And his pursuit of gold

Had turned to drink, ‘till lovely Bess

Saw youthful dream unfold.


With wistful thought for former years

Returned to parent’s home

And with her might and many tears

Succeeded all alone.


To corporate heights she slowly went

But memories would intrude,

She spurned desire of many a gent

No other she’d include.


Then one day as she hurried past

She saw by old lamp post

Her Will; she stopped and stood aghast

At sight of husband’s ghost.


With outreached hand he rose to beg,

She thought her heart would break,

His tattered pants hung from his leg

His outstretched arm did shake.


That evening after work she came

To take him to a place

Where alcoholics detox there

To save them from disgrace.


With slow retreat from long years fog

He recognized his Bess,

Determined to regain her trust

He longed for her caress.


Addiction conquered, Will did vow

Became a brand new man,

No longer demon drink he’d bow,

When tempted quickly ran.


Bess watched it all with eager hope

Each victory he would

Till quite convinced resolve would cope

Their marriage vows renewed.


“© Copyright Ian Grice 2015 All rights reserved

The above image copyrighted to


6 thoughts on “Rescue

  1. I simply love this, Ian – the way you weaved your words, the story line and the theme.
    Great hopes of love and redemption. It happens but rarely but when it does – what a sun burst in not only their lives but in all the people who know them or will come to know of them.
    Glad that I dug into your archives.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This poem has many of the iancyberspace trademarks and was pleasing to read. I enjoyed the happy conclusion which could be an inspiration to some although I wonder how often such a transformative reversal actually happens?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jane I’d venture to say it would be an extremely rare occurrence. In the back of her mind would always be the fear of regression. You would have to be a saint to rescue and nurture like that.


    1. Yes it would be an unusual risk to take with someone gone that far down the road to self-destruction Val. But occasionally you do hear of situations like this where that risk was taken and the results happy ones.


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