Maroochy Adams sat in the shade of towering eucalypt trees covered with hanging vines reaching toward her from tallest branches of the trees. There was a profusion of ferns and tall grasses scattered beneath the trees and to her left a slowly moving red bellied black snake headed for the lake to search for frogs hidden among reeds covering the small bay. Maroochy cared little … Continue reading Maroochy

Wildlife Rescue

Into the town in fear they arrived Desperate for something to drink. These were the few that had somehow survived, All barely able to think.   Tried their luck where sheep slated their thirst And ranchers had shot those who dared, Water so scarce that their sheep would come first Thus, leaving the wildlife uncared.   Drought had been present for three years now Artesian … Continue reading Wildlife Rescue

Duane’s Folly – Chapter 2

Consequences Duane was swept downhill into the dam through to the concrete runoff and over the top into the raging stream below. The fence into neighbouring property had been destroyed by floating tree missiles and he swept through broken and lifeless. As neighbour Charles Matherson emerged later to begin an inspection of damage to his farmlands after the cyclone had passed on he was attracted … Continue reading Duane’s Folly – Chapter 2

Duane’s Folly – Chapter 1

The Storm Duane looked through the window anxiously. Trees were still bending under force of cyclonic gusts while pieces of corrugated roofing were peeling off occasionally joining sundry other flying objects on their path of destruction. His eyes opened wide in surprise as they followed the direction of a crashing sound and he saw one object imbed itself deep into the spreading fig tree now … Continue reading Duane’s Folly – Chapter 1

Outback Wedding

Shirley sat looking at the group of embarrassed relatives gathered around her in the front room of the log cabin. She glanced from one face to another as they busied themselves in small talk casting a furtive look in her direction occasionally. She shrugged and stretched. Something caught her eye and she picked up the hem of her wedding dress. There was a tear on … Continue reading Outback Wedding