Shalini’s Escape – Chapter 2

Reality Check Lost in the horror of it all Shalini gasped in surprise as a voice behind her park seat spoke. She spun around to confront the intruder. “So, you’re Shalini, welcome to the club.” “Who are you and how do you know my name. What club are you talking about?” The girl took a seat beside her and stared at her for a while. … Continue reading Shalini’s Escape – Chapter 2

HAJAR (abandoned)

Hajar peeped out through a door crack in the hut she was being held in. She was beginning to respond to that name now though was aware it hadn’t been the name her mother called her. She didn’t know how old she was or the circumstances in which she’d been herded into a truck with these other women as her mother screamed while being dragged … Continue reading HAJAR (abandoned)


We seemed to have known Tommo forever. From the first time we’d trudged to the town’s major public school with parents at a tender age Tommo had been in our line of vision. He’d been standing alone waiting patiently for admission, a tall gangling figure in shabby hand me down school uniform which indicated there must have been male siblings who’d passed through these classrooms … Continue reading Tommo


  Tiny shoes on tiny feet Stumbling moving forward, Arms raised high the air to beat Smiles her sweet reward.   Mother walking closely by Father beckoning on, Sister urging her to try Thoughts of homework gone.   Rosie reaching out her arm Rocks on trembling limb, Face now showing some alarm Throws a glance at him.   Father inches closer then Reaches toward his … Continue reading Intervention-

Amazing Revelation

Little did Eric realize as he donned his cap, put lunch box into the shoulder carry pack and kiss his Mother goodbye this was to be the day of an amazing revelation. He was off to school, and of immediate concern was how to saunter nonchalantly past the opposing school complex at the top of the hill, rushing at the appropriate time when it was … Continue reading Amazing Revelation

The All-Seeing Eye.

Ben whistled as he gathered luggage from the motel room and placed it systematically in the car. The girls darted around attempting to help by dragging their overnight bags across carpeted floor grunting as they did so. They looked expectantly toward their father for approval and to be relieved of their heavy burdens. He patted each on the head and murmured encouragement as they relinquished … Continue reading The All-Seeing Eye.

Enemy Vanquished

It was Sunday! John groaned as he rolled over in bed trying vainly to avoid early morning sun rays creeping into his room through an open window by the bed. But soon the room was a blaze of the sun’s dominating rays and he sat up grumbling. He’d been up until the wee hours of the morning with friends and was now paying a penalty. … Continue reading Enemy Vanquished


Sylvester Cunningham carefully selected a supermarket trolley from the stack. Everything Sylvester did was contemplated and executed with methodical exactness. He was still smarting over the greeting he’d received as he approached automatic doors which led into the supermarket. Dennis Jones had spotted him heading toward the entrance and shouted a greeting. “Hi Silver!” He hated that name. He winced as he recalled traumas experienced … Continue reading Sylvester

Lachlan’s Lesson

Lachlan remembered clapping hands when his Dad made an announcement they’d be heading for the coast to join cousins on their traditional Christmas family get together. He remembered the excitement of that announcement. Ever since he could remember it was a custom for family to enjoy Easter on the coast, but to share this holiday home with Aunt Beth and Uncle Liam at Christmas. Their … Continue reading Lachlan’s Lesson