The Day the Bull Ran

Jean Stradshaw sat on the top railing of the cattle tick spray enclosure watching her father chase the young bull down a slope toward the dam. He had an axe in his upraised arm and he meant business. She’s heard him threaten to have those horns removed but knew he’d eventually cool his anger, and have it done mercifully by the district vet. The bull … Continue reading The Day the Bull Ran

Duane’s Folly – Chapter 2

Consequences Duane was swept downhill into the dam through to the concrete runoff and over the top into the raging stream below. The fence into neighbouring property had been destroyed by floating tree missiles and he swept through broken and lifeless. As neighbour Charles Matherson emerged later to begin an inspection of damage to his farmlands after the cyclone had passed on he was attracted … Continue reading Duane’s Folly – Chapter 2

Duane’s Folly – Chapter 1

The Storm Duane looked through the window anxiously. Trees were still bending under force of cyclonic gusts while pieces of corrugated roofing were peeling off occasionally joining sundry other flying objects on their path of destruction. His eyes opened wide in surprise as they followed the direction of a crashing sound and he saw one object imbed itself deep into the spreading fig tree now … Continue reading Duane’s Folly – Chapter 1


John lingered with his friend Brian as high school students fled from classes for the day on their bikes. They were heading for pleasures of sports grounds in other parts of town or just hanging around Main Street to sample assorted delicacies before tackling homework in the evening at home. But in John’s case there was the eleven-kilometre hard slog up and down hills until … Continue reading Helga

Another Day on the Land

  Dancing leaves all greet the sun Now the day has just begun. Pigeon coos to lend support, Finished with the insect caught.   Flowers reaching to the sky Bending with their dew supply Add to chorus morning came Flaunting colours without shame.   Clouds are peeping from on high On their perches in the sky, Daring winds to send them on To many places … Continue reading Another Day on the Land

A Day at the Farm

John lay comfortably in the grass watching clouds dance and swirl around a clear blue expanse. No matter which way he turned it seemed a strong breeze caressing his face was playing its game with those clouds. He wondered what it would be like to fly up and join them in their dance. The birds calling happily while they rode the breeze above him obviously … Continue reading A Day at the Farm