Sheila Carter – Chapter 1

Chapter 1. Cultural Mutation Sheila Carter sat on a ridge overlooking their extensive farmland. It all looked familiar but there was something about it that just didn’t seem to satisfy her soul. Sheila was a mixed-race aboriginal. Well that was how she thought of herself. Her soft creamy brown skin and jet-black hair shone in the sunlight to remind her of the part of her … Continue reading Sheila Carter – Chapter 1

A Day at the Farm

John lay comfortably in the grass watching clouds dance and swirl around a clear blue expanse. No matter which way he turned it seemed a strong breeze caressing his face was playing its game with those clouds. He wondered what it would be like to fly up and join them in their dance. The birds calling happily while they rode the breeze above him obviously … Continue reading A Day at the Farm

Brenda Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 –  Living with the Truth It was at the supposed age of twelve Brenda’s grandfather died. He’d been her rock through growing years and Brenda was heartbroken. Very soon after that her grandmother followed her husband to his grave carefully maintained and not far removed from their home. Her uncle and aunts doted on the child. The tribe had long since … Continue reading Brenda Chapter 2

Brenda – Chapter 1

Living in Harmony In the forests of an emerging country Brenda was born. Well that was not her original name but the English name given her later.  It was in an era when that community was shared between traditional tribes and the white settlers who’d squatted on recent claims and commenced farming with their modest flocks of livestock. The tribes moved around these squatter camps … Continue reading Brenda – Chapter 1


26 December 2004, a date never to be forgotten, is an event that shaped the economy and lives of Nagapattinam district citizens.  Nagapattinam is derived from Nagar, referring to people from Sri Lanka who settled here in ancient history, and pattinam referring to town.[1] [2]Nagapattinam had a population of approximately one hundred thousand, and coastal fisherman were going about their business searching ocean depths from … Continue reading Tsunami

Gympie Gold

  ‘Twas the early 1800’s and the word was passed around That the California gold rush had begun, And Australian freeman settlers soon were California bound Joining many hapless convicts on the run.   They ranged up and down the horse trails of this new and vibrant land Many found their wildest dreams had been fulfilled, They experienced much hardship, scarcely had a helping hand … Continue reading Gympie Gold