Jun Jie – Chapter 1

Family in Transition Jun Jie stood at the entrance of their apartment and looked out from the balcony over the street below. She enjoyed their apartment where her mother Lanfen and younger brother Chi shared a three-bedroom unit. Raising her eyes, she could see high rises in both directions as she turned her head from side to side. The collection of traffic flowing in orderly … Continue reading Jun Jie – Chapter 1

The Boa

Westlake was one of those ideal suburbs the average person who hasn’t lived in the tropics can only dream of as they flick through slick brochures promoting vacations where snows never fall, and you are only minutes away from some exotic scene reminding one of their good fortune living in a tropical paradise. On a short walk from Westlake through overhanging jungle one is suddenly … Continue reading The Boa

Ah Cy

Ah Cy shuffled her way forward as the bus pulled in to discharge and receive passengers. She was running behind schedule as she boarded the bus and glanced at her old watch. Stopped again! She must ask her son to get her a new one at a shop near Lucky Plaza where the wall of garments for sale cleverly concealed an inner room where a … Continue reading Ah Cy

Oriental Jewel – Chapter 4

Conspirancy “Mom, what’s the name of the other English woman you work with at school?” Andy asked as they travelled home from school on their first day after vacation. “Andy, you know who that is, it’s Elizabeth Ho. Why are you asking?” Rebecca looked at Andy in surprise. He knew very well who it was, why was he asking? Andy pretended to be interested in … Continue reading Oriental Jewel – Chapter 4

Oriental Jewel – Chapter 3

Susan Ho The young woman resumed her impassive manner. “I’m sorry, I suppose you wondered why I laughed? You see I’m Eurasian and it was quite ironical for you to suggest I may have prejudice against you, I’d have expected the reverse. My father is Singaporean and mother English. They met at Oxford when he was studying overseas. My father is a teacher at National … Continue reading Oriental Jewel – Chapter 3

Oriental Jewel – Chapter 2

Sentosa Andy alighted from the cable car and began his familiar progress toward Siloso Beach. Looming in front of him was the back of the gigantic Merlion, symbol of Singapore. It occurred to him he’d never taken a photo of that imposing structure before and wondered where the best vantage point would be to get full effect. He was in regular contact with cousins in … Continue reading Oriental Jewel – Chapter 2

Oriental Jewel – Chapter 1

Andy Andy sat looking out the upper floor bedroom window at Holland Park. He attended an international school in Singapore. Both parents worked, his Mom as a teacher at the international school and his Dad for a multinational banking corporation. They’d been in Singapore almost ten years and to Andy Singapore was the norm. He did retain vivid memories of childhood and early school in … Continue reading Oriental Jewel – Chapter 1

Wu Mei – Chapter 6

  Into the Fire  Grant Adams rose from his chair as Wu Mei knocked and entered. “Good to have you back May, we have a huge backlog of work to catch up on so it’s good you finished with Singapore and are back with us. I had to fight to get you back from Singapore. They were impressed with your work and asked head office … Continue reading Wu Mei – Chapter 6

My Facelift Experience

It was early 1995 and we were preparing for the monumental task of vacating 800 Thomson Road, Singapore in preparation for a massive re-development program which, in partnership with Hong Kong developers, would give us a rebuilt headquarters, apartments for all our staff and a lot of money to be re-invested in facilities around the Asia Pacific region. As 800 in Chinese thinking is a … Continue reading My Facelift Experience