The Spy

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I’d heard of Rajan. He’d been a transport driver for many years after leaving college as a graduate and it was a surprise to everyone when he returned to campus and offered his services as a driver in the transportation department.

He was a great favorite among students. If he was not into a game of volley ball during leisure periods he’d be in the midst of a large crowd of students telling an obviously gripping story.

The faculty was also enamored with Rajan. Requests for transportation began to appear with specific instructions we assign Rajan as their driver, and for a while this was done. That is until the other drivers revolted and demanded a more equitable system.

But the strange thing was people who had to work closely with Rajan weren’t as impressed with him as the casual crowds who delighted in his stories. We began to notice there was a small but increasing number who were just as vocally opposed to Rajan as the majority who found him irresistible and supported him. The administration dismissed these opposing reports as the actions of a jealous few. In their thinking some people cannot bear to see others in the limelight.

But I was soon to discover the real Rajan. One day he presented himself in my office and told the most frightful stories of duplicity and intrigue on campus. According to him my life was in grave danger and there were plots afoot to embarrass my family members. The most startling thing about Rajan’s story was that my closest friends and associates were supposed to be the villainous tools to accomplish this evil purpose.

Then all was revealed. If I’d look after Rajan financially he’d keep a watch over all my supposed enemies and report on their plans daily. To do this he’d need to be closer to me and a position in my office complex would be acceptable to him.

Fortunately I’m not given to paranoia and found Rajan’s story unacceptable. Later events proved this to be sound judgment. I began active investigations into Rajan’s activities and prepared my own file which revealed surprising things about him and his lifestyle. I presented my findings to Rajan and he opted to quietly leave the campus.

What a tragedy it would have been if I’d listened to Rajan and allowed his stories to poison my mind against my innocent friends and associates.

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11 thoughts on “The Spy

  1. It seems to me had made up all the untruths to frighten you into paying him money. It is a good thing you checked into it and didn’t fall for his what I would call a scam. Hugs


  2. I had a similar experience when I was teaching at a primary school. I wonder why some people would do such thing. It’s hard not to hate them for what they did, but on the other hand, what they did is definitely not cool.

    Subhan Zein


    1. I think the reason people try to manipulate others is they either have a self worth problem or are overly ambitious. I learned long ago not to take anything as truth unless checked out carefully before responding in any way.


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