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An oriental dignitary was visiting the west
The press was there to meet him in his room
Their conversation started asking what he liked the best
The fancy malls or economic boom

The dignitary glanced around and noted each proud face
Stepped over to the window and looked out
An alley full of garbage bins, food litter every place
The cleaning crew was moving it about.

“Food garbage bins!” He chucked at the shock upon their face
“Your garbage bins are what I noticed most”
And then he chuckled louder at their horror and disgrace
No longer was the press inclined to boast.

“In oriental countries food is eaten with respect
The peasants labor hard to make it grow
But here in western countries if I’ve understood correct
You think that it’s created just to throw.”

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2012 all rights reserved”

4 thoughts on “Perceptions

  1. It is no wonder one would think that…it is a disgrace the way food is thrown away and wasted here. There would be no hungry people if they would share and not toss away good food. Thank you sweet Ian for stopping by and wishing me well, I am feeling better each day. Hugs


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