Chilling breeze caresses trees
Chasing sparrow anxious bees,
Clouds race over sombre skies
Watching while creation sighs.

Leaves in summer brilliant green,
Some now golden, most unseen,
Insects nowhere to be found
Autumn shelter in the ground.

Horses standing in the fields
Stiffly in their blanket shields,
Mill pond frog no longer sings
Quack of ducks no longer rings.

Clever birds have sensed the time,
Left to find a warmer clime
Only to return in spring
With them joyful noise to bring.

Autumn clothes pulled out in haste
Children wrapped, in warmth embraced
Stirring leaves from off the path
Dancing as these children laugh.

Soon the brilliant white of snow
Settles where the flowers grow
Blanketing the countryside
Covers all and sits astride.

Winter soon will fill the land,
Desolate on every hand,
Days grow shorter sunshine weak
Ice packs form on yonder creek.

Until solstice turns around
Thawing of the frozen ground
All creation wakes to play
Celebrate the first spring day.

“© Copyright Ian Grice 2013, all rights reserved”

14 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Beautifully done Ian and a difficult thing to pull off, which you did with aplomb and I was ‘there’. 🙂


  2. Love the rhymes – not easy but you pulled it off, Ian.

    Even as the land and inhabitants prepare for the harsh, promises are held out for the coming of spring.

    Enjoyed this read immensely – and thank you for sharing with us.

    All good wishes,


    1. Thank you Eric. You are such an encouragement in your comments always and have a depth of knowledge and understanding that is an inspiration in your blogging exercises.


  3. Good one Ian. I enjoyed your rigorous rhyming scheme which is expertly pulled off and I know takes a lot of skill to achieve. The short lines give a nice sense of urgency. I also liked your reference to spring’s arrival which is the way that Wordsworth ended his ‘Ode to Autumn’. In verses 6 and 7 I suggest replacing one of the uses of the word ‘soon’ with another word (one doesn’t come to mind but you are expert enough to be able find one, or perhaps “Winter then will fill the land”)


    1. Thank you Jane. My background is business and administration so I value comments such as these from a true professional in literature. I like the flow of your suggestion better than what I’ve written and will alter it in my computer data base. My intent when first beginning to blog was to leave something for my children to access and it amazes me still that there are people who actually read my work other than my family. It makes me wonder if I chose the wrong career way back there in the 1950′s when I left school? I enjoy teaching and writing much more than administering organizations, though there’s some enjoyment in leaving a history of improvement in whatever you focus on isn’t there?


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