Anna Patricia Spaulding negotiated the corridors warily as she headed for the exit from her return home domestic airport. It had been a long and tiring trip back from the convention where executives from top corporations rubbed shoulders annually gleaning any information they could get about their competitor’s plans and operations and generally enjoying the company of people who worked at the top levels of … Continue reading NEW YEAR DISCOVERY

Narrow Escape

Butterfly on flower settles prim Cecil gasps in quick surprise, Coloured wings attractive firm and trim Reaches out, and insect flies. Into air with sky effective shield Fluttering in a gentle breeze. Will it head for outside yonder field? Jumps up in attempt to seize. Settles quickly on an old deck chair Barrier fence its safe retreat, Swimming pool its safety chosen lair Feeling safe … Continue reading Narrow Escape

New Year Gift

Johnny sat in his play room mulling morning activities at pre-school appointment. He liked school. Miss Angie was his most favourite teacher and she took a personal interest in each of the children under her care. There were other teachers in pre-school, and they were OK but Angie had fixed his hurt leg once when he fell over and she’d comforted him when some of … Continue reading New Year Gift

The Christmas Spirit – Chapter 3

Giving Intelligently Annabel was waiting anxiously at the door when Shawn arrived home. He checked the car carefully on arrival home but there’d been no incident with the car on inspection. Probably because he’d found their guard watching it when he emerged with the one in charge he thought. “Shawn you’re very late, the dinner has gone cold and children are ready for bed. Say … Continue reading The Christmas Spirit – Chapter 3

The Christmas Spirit – Chapter 1

Image courtesy of Mutual Understanding Annabel busied herself fossicking in the cardboard boxes her husband Shawn moved progressively from the garage protesting as he came. As she tried string after string of decorations returning them systematically as each was rejected, she smiled at his protests. Christmas was coming, and the tree was being assembled according to her taste. After marriage Shawn and Annabel approached … Continue reading The Christmas Spirit – Chapter 1

Happy New Year

Terry Power sat on the back porch of his home contemplating the area where he and Wendy had decided to construct a swimming pool. That would have to go on the back burner now along with their planned trip to Europe a year from now. He was a methodical man and needed this quiet time to think through the impact of shock news delivered him … Continue reading Happy New Year

The Spirit of Christmas

“I want my presents before Christmas!” Six-year-old Scott stood with legs apart and hands on hips with a determined look on his face. His gaze swept from his Mom to the presents under the Christmas tree and back again. Maddy Stone glanced at him momentarily then returned to putting finishing touches on the food in preparation for night’s meal. She smiled appreciatively at her handiwork … Continue reading The Spirit of Christmas

Lachlan’s Lesson

Lachlan remembered clapping hands when his Dad made an announcement they’d be heading for the coast to join cousins on their traditional Christmas family get together. He remembered the excitement of that announcement. Ever since he could remember it was a custom for family to enjoy Easter on the coast, but to share this holiday home with Aunt Beth and Uncle Liam at Christmas. Their … Continue reading Lachlan’s Lesson