Love Betrayed

A mother protecting her daughter.


Seems it happened long ago

So in love and fancy free,

Paused to let her memories flow

“Said he was in love with me?”


Longed to see him at the door

Every evening without fail,

Heart skipped when his face she saw

Quickly moving down the trail


Then one day he said those words

She’d been hoping long to hear,

She rejoiced with singing birds

Cries of joy and happy tear


Mom and Pa rejoice with me,

Marriage date can now be set!

He would hers forever be,

Planned for children, household pet


Early years were dreams come true,

Caring husband happy wife

Not a care, and troubles few

All things they’d desired in life.


Slowly changes would emerge,

Came home later every day

Till she felt emotion surge

Wondering what he’d have to say


Smelt the liquor on his lips

Then the debts began to pile,

Said he’d only taken sips

Kissed her hoping that she’d smile


Then one day to her dismay

Learned his boss had let him go

And she heard her neighbours say

They’d observed his habit grow.


Silent phone, no power supply,

Children hungrier each day,

Angry husband’s blood shot eye,

Slapped her when she knelt to pray


Parents took their daughter back

Held her while she shed a tear

Glancing fearfully at that track

Joy now passed replaced with fear


Love extinguished, now in hate

Once betrayed she’d not forget,

Watched him standing by the gate

Turned away without regret


“© Copyright Ian Grice 2017 all rights reserved

Copyright as indicated on the picture.


9 thoughts on “Love Betrayed

  1. Well written sweet Ian but oh, so sad. There are way too many that have had to experience similar happenings in their marriage like as in the poem. Thank you so much for accepting my invitation. Hugs dear friend

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  2. This poem ought to be inscribed on every bottle; but on second thoughts who would bother to read before imbibing. Perhaps our day-and-age could come up with a way to play this poem as the bottle is opened. Over forty years ago when Dan and I bought our second Houston house I found an enormous stache of huge gin bottles in the garage attic. I often wondered how and why they got there! There were so many that they had to go out in two different trash cycles. Did the adjacent houses wonder who their new neighbors were?

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    1. One never knows whether their gene pool has a ticking time bomb which leads to a life of support through AA. My grandfather was a happy person who liked his drink with catastrophic effects on home and family as the children grew up. It turned our generation off even touching the stuff as a result. Must have saved a fortune over my lifetime staying away from it though with our drinking culture in the West it was difficult to have to attend all those business cocktail parties and drink orange juice to either the puzzlement or derision of those around me in that venue. lol


  3. Sadly, an all too familiar path for many couples. And the numbers are ever increasing.

    “…Slowly changes would emerge…” – there is plenty hidden behind this single sentence. Everlasting love – an elusive chalice for many.

    Lisa and I just cleared 36 years. Looking back, what a tumultuous journey it has been – and it has all been worthwhile.


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