Rescued From Ruin – Chapter 1

Ethics Compromised Richard Stephen Johansson shifted uncomfortably on the pavement. His tired eyes flicked between the shopping trolley that had become his mobile storage and an assortment of deadbeats eyeing it jealously. Now that supermarkets were increasingly trying to protect their investment by making trolleys coin operated shoppers were returning them to get their money back. But occasionally someone would not bother with their coin … Continue reading Rescued From Ruin – Chapter 1

Patsy’s Life Lesson – Chapter 2

  Learning Life’s Lessons “How far to the County Fair Richie?” There was a giggle from the back and Patsy turned around in surprise to see what was happening then looked uncertainly at Richie. “We are going to the County Fair?” “Well we were, but when your Dad made it a 9pm curfew we may have a change of plans.” There was laughter again from … Continue reading Patsy’s Life Lesson – Chapter 2

Night Terror – Chapter 1

Betrayed Luella sat in the darkness of her bedroom and tried to process her feelings. She couldn’t bear to have lights on as the big wedding picture of her and Wes was on the wall facing her. The picture bought back memories, none of them pleasant. Her face expressed no emotion but inside those emotions churned and churned. At eight O’clock she’d put their child … Continue reading Night Terror – Chapter 1

Ah Cy

Ah Cy shuffled her way forward as the bus pulled in to discharge and receive passengers. She was running behind schedule as she boarded the bus and glanced at her old watch. Stopped again! She must ask her son to get her a new one at a shop near Lucky Plaza where the wall of garments for sale cleverly concealed an inner room where a … Continue reading Ah Cy

Righting a Wrong

  JoAnne searched diligently in the Bazaar. She’d learned through the servant grapevine Gopalraj could be found begging there on some days, and other days seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. Where could he be that foolish man? Attempts to pry further information out of servants attending other memsahibs on campus had proved to be ineffective. They’d shifted uneasily on their feet … Continue reading Righting a Wrong

An Eye for an Eye

. Chapter 1 – A Secret Revealed Carolyn stopped counting and glanced up from her latest knitting project. She’d heard the front door chimes and hoped Frank had too. “Frank can you get that, I’m in the middle of something at the moment. There was silence. Usually Frank acknowledged it when she asked for help. He’s probably out in his workshop again she thought. Carolyn … Continue reading An Eye for an Eye

The Ethical Lock Picker

There is nothing more embarrassing than locking one’s keys inside a building, and not having access to a duplicate key to rectify the problem. Usually one exhausts all possible ways to avoid embarrassment of having to seek help from a friend, knowing that for some time after the event word will be spread and our foolishness exposed to the community. Such was the dilemma I … Continue reading The Ethical Lock Picker