Flick’s Christmas Gift

  Flick pressed himself close to the hedge in a side lane closely observing the house across the road. Now and then he’d peep around the corner checking to see if there was any movement in the house opposite glancing up and down the street for late night pedestrians, traffic or the dreaded police. The name Flick was not his real name but it had … Continue reading Flick’s Christmas Gift

The Best Christmas Present

Chapter 1 – The Ranch Don sat on his apartment balcony watching evening traffic snake its way through the streets below. It was a rare experience for him to have time to do this as he was usually at work this time of the evening or tidying his desk to leave space for Ms Almeida the office cleaner to give his office her usual thorough … Continue reading The Best Christmas Present

Santa’s Miracle

Tony was feeling very satisfied with himself. Father Christmas had delivered a brand new blue bicycle with white racing stripes and he was determined to put it through its paces now Dad was there to guide him. Well he had his doubts about Father Christmas but it was a transitional age where glamor of a man in a red suit who somehow came down a … Continue reading Santa’s Miracle

Negotiating the Year 2015

Struggling with a lonely life Anxious in this time of strife, Dealing with a life of pain Hoping for financial gain, Children causing parent’s grief Wishing for some time relief. You need a friend! Seeing someone struggle too Is there something you can do? Troubles in this world abound What solution can be found? Suffering on a larger scale You’ve survived to tell the tale. … Continue reading Negotiating the Year 2015

Christmas Gifts

Sally glanced around her bedroom. Everything looked a little worse for wear. She could remember the furniture being delivered to her house long ago to squeals of delight while big brother Fred looked on with envy, but her furniture was now quite dated compared to the bedrooms of her friends at school. Her stuffed toys had mostly survived, though Percival Bear had lost an eye … Continue reading Christmas Gifts

Christmas In Australia

A slightly different presentation to the usual snow scenes of the Northern Hemisphere. I’m experimenting with a PowerPoint presentation on WordPress. Looks like you will have to enter the link below and wait for the PowerPoint to show up, then select show slideshow from the beginning. I got the images from a Christmas card and have no idea who the copyright belongs to but declare … Continue reading Christmas In Australia