Pouring warmth upon the new born day Sun calls to order earthly kin. Sends sunbeam subjects then to say Let the day’s activity begin!   Flowers open up their sleepy eyes, Animals their stirring noises make, Birds begin to chirp in glad surprise Relatives now out upon the lake.   Dog alerts at sound of baby cry, Cat arches back and tiptoes to the door. … Continue reading Equilibrium

The Winds of Strife

An eerie glow in yonder sky The village stopped to stare, They’d seen it all in days gone by For it was hardly rare. The news reports on high alert For typhoons ran this way, The last one’s damage really hurt It’s memory to stay. The people had nowhere to go Their options very few, Another storm, a fatal blow Could they their hopes renew? … Continue reading The Winds of Strife


  Tiny shoes on tiny feet Stumbling moving forward, Arms raised high the air to beat Smiles her sweet reward.   Mother walking closely by Father beckoning on, Sister urging her to try Thoughts of homework gone.   Rosie reaching out her arm Rocks on trembling limb, Face now showing some alarm Throws a glance at him.   Father inches closer then Reaches toward his … Continue reading Intervention-

Greener Grass

Watching children playing through the fencing posts at home The Elementary School in play recess My Mother holding firmly just in case I try to roam, For I would like to join them I confess. Their happy shouts of laughter at release from teacher’s voice, Arithmetic and English out of mind Rather be out playing if the school gave them that choice; I feel my … Continue reading Greener Grass